Architectural Adventures in Salvage Decorating

Finding great architectural salvage treasures is truly a unique and “outside of the box” adventure where
new shopping rules and road maps apply. The typical antique “treasure map” or antique guide, trade journal or flyer on the shelf of your local antique store will not lead you to the “gold at the end of the rainbow”.

So just where do you find the “treasure troves”?

Here is a online search guide to help your quest:

1. Start your search on your favorite search engine. It is important to know that each search engine has different listings, orders and web sites. As a salvage dealer myself I am always amazed at the difference in ranking, links, and new listings that I find depending on what search engine I use. Try the “major” engines and you will find different unique paths to wander.

2. Here are some search phrases to try:
– a) architectural salvage in ( add your region i.e. western Pennsylvania or Southern Calfornia)
– b) use the term “architectural salvage” in front of the category you are looking for (such as architectural windows, architectural doors, etc.). Use advanced search option to locate the same category by your region.
– c) the term “demolition companies” by your desired region.
– d) another fertile area is the term “old building materials” by your region.
– e) try “salvage building materials” regionally.

3. Larger more complete phone books will also yield pay dirt under some of these categories.

4. Trade journals will sometimes list salvage resources.

5. Several architectural salvage directories now appear on the internet. Key in “Architectural Salvage Directory” and many times they will provide salvage yard listings by State.

6. eBay “stores” are a source of location of serious architectural salvage yards. When you do product look ups of architectural items, look for multiple listings of the same dealer and then see if they have a “visit our store” page in the header on the upper right side of the listing.

7. The higher end Flea Markets now have some savvy dealers selling really unusual salvage finds. The larger monthly shows are usually more productive because the dealers have a month to restock and pursue their own sourcing networks.

Habitat for Humanity in addition to doing very good humanitarian work also is a potential treasure trove. They specialize in recycling building materials. Some “Habitat stores” have a orientation for older materials….others are primarily new materials. Give them a call ask about their stocks.

Remember in all of these potential resources there is a “one of a kind” type of assortment by nature. Most salvage yards have relatively “high rates of sale” meaning their merchandise both arrives and departs fairly quickly. There are always a steady source of “architectural salvage” customers looking for the great finds. When you find a convenient place (whose specialty in price and taste fits yours) develop a relationship with the operator visiting them often. You also may be able to leave your name and number with some of them requesting contacts when particularly tasty arrivals come in!

The “deeper you dig” and the more time you spend in the “search” the “LUCKIER YOU WILL GET!”!! Think outside of the box and look for alternative sources of new treasures. The reward will be the architectural gems you desire!

Good luck, great shopping and treasure hunting!

Buying Salvaged Vehicles at an Auction For Salvaged Cars

If you are planning to purchase a car but your finances are stretched, then the best spot where you could acquire one is from an auction for salvage cars. If you’re not very familiar with the specific car of your liking, ask folks who could be of help to you in trying to find your perfect car.

Even though these cars aren’t as inferior in quality as many individuals believe, it is still important to take a careful look at them prior to placing a bid. Look past the looks, and perform a thorough check on the engines, brake systems and clutches before making a choice.

Every buyer should be viewed as a competitor with regards to purchasing a car from these car auctions. Everyone wants to get the best buy possible. Do not believe everything you are told. In salvage auto auction locations, everyone is out to make the best of what they can get; the auctioneer included.

Despite the fact that the auctioneer will stop short at nothing in projecting each and every vehicle in a good light, a brilliant prospective buyer will certainly verify every single aspect of the automobile. You want the very best at the most affordable bid, while in contrast the auctioneer desires his revenue maximized. At auctions for these salvage cars, realize where your strength is, and avoid stretching above your monetary means.

Even though a vehicle may be badly wrecked does not mean that it possesses a poor engine. Taking an experienced mechanic with you is a great plus. Also, the more unsightly an automobile appears, the fewer amounts of individuals will be paying attention to it.

The trait of an expert bidder is the power to sustain his / her composure whenever possible. Do not permit the moment to overwhelm you, and be as relaxed as you can be. Be well articulated and withstand every temptation to go past your targeted budget. Always look at the effects of each and every bid you want to make before you finally commit yourself to it. Avoid paying more than what you should spend whenever you go to salvage car auctions.

Once you’ve picked the car that suits your requirements and needs, then it is time to go to the auction place to examine the vehicle the day just before the bidding date. Salvage cars tend not to cost much, although replacement parts could be costly.

It matters not if your vehicle has been in a wreck or just requires a few parts, since there are a lot of auction sites which can help you take care of this problem. Once you’ve done the above-mentioned process and have selected a car, then you are ready to go and get your desired car at an auction for salvage cars.

Salvaged Vehicles Save You Money

Most people don’t even know what the words salvaged vehicle means. When you first say it, they think of a car or truck sitting in a junk yard rusting away. This may be true to a point, however, what kind of salvaged vehicle I speak of is a whole new kind. Let me explain. The average person would not think about driving a car that…well, was wrecked then salvaged. With the newer cars and trucks that are involved in accidents everyday and get salvaged all the time thanks to our high cost of labor at the dealers for repairs. You can be driving one of them (after being repaired) for super cheap. You see, insurance companies have a standard way of doing their estimations of repairs for the vehicles that are in an accident. They have to replace all the broken parts with what is called OEM parts that come from the dealers who get them from the manufacturer. With the labor rate of our union workers, the parts are out of site in cost to repair a vehicle back to the insurances standards. Not to mention the labor rates at a dealerships body shop for repairs as well. So when a vehicle costs more than 75% of the book value to be repaired, they just total the car and have it salvaged. The Insurance Company then writes a check out to the owner for the amount the vehicle is worth at the time of the accident.

Now this brings us to why salvaged vehicles save you money. You see, a vehicle can be repaired for a lot less than what is quoted from Insurance companies. (You wonder why we pay so much for insurance.) The parts that are readily available are much like going shopping for anything else. There are choices for parts with better prices and they will do the job just as well as OEM parts. Why pay $300-$400 dollars for a fender on a car when you can get one just as good for $50 dollars. See the savings? This is just one aspect of the whole deal. You can save thousands of dollars when repairing a salvaged vehicle. If you can’t do the work, then let the Pro people do it. So next time you are looking for a good used car, think real hard on finding a newer low mile salvaged car that can be repaired. It will save you a lot of money.